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I have already mentioned once before how great the Game Ready ice machine was when I was driving home from Sydney last Friday. Let me be the first to tell you that it has continued to be a life saver over the past week as I begin to get some of that fluid out of my knee Post-Op.

What is a Game Ready

The Game Ready Machine

A game ready is a specialized icing machine made for athletes to help speed up injury recovery. It consists of a unit for holding the water and ice, a small display select your preferred settings desire, a tube that pushes both compressed air and ice cold water into a sleeve which wraps around your leg.

The machine is super simple to use, it gives you the ability to set and forget whilst icing. I have mine set to activate every 30 minutes for a 30 minute Ice session. At the moment I have the air set to the second lowest pressure setting but as the pain subsides I will crank it up to the highest. If I wanted to I could leave the sleeve on my leg the whole time and be good for 3-4 hours or until the ice melts, but i prefer to take it off so I can do my exercises.

I know it doesnt sound super impressive and youre right, its just a machine that ices your leg, wow. But, when the alternative is a standard ice pack, where you have to walk to the freezer every 30 minutes and can only covers a small area of your injury, it really makes a huge difference.

The Game Ready completely encircles your leg, it ices from your mid thigh all the way down to your mid calf, applying light to extreme pressure to help push the inflammation away from the site of the injury, not to mention that it is super helpful in relieving pain as well.

Where can you get one

Luckily for me I was given one to borrow from a good friend, because if I had to go out and get one on my own it would have left a big hole in my pocket. They do not come cheap, and unfortunately retail at around $4000, but if you know someone who has one or can find a way to hire one for a few weeks, I would 100% recommend taking advantage of it, as it will improve your quality of life and the speed of your recovery through the early stages of rehab.

Have you ever used a Game Ready? Or something similar? Let me know in the comments.

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