2 Time Olympian Bell Brockhoff Talks ACL Rehab

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This week we have 2 time Olympian and gold medal World Cup Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff. Belle has had a pretty rough ride the last 2 years, suffering back to back ACL Ruptures, but this year she is back and killing it on the snow!

Check out the interview to learn about how she overcame the odds and managed to claw her way back to the top of the Snowboardcross World Cup Tour.

Belle Competing at the Recent Big White Snowboardcross World Cup

Belle Brockhoff – Athlete Interviews

How did you do your first ACL and/ how soon did you do your second ACL?

I blew my ACL the first time while testing the World Champs race track in early 2017. The second time was 9 months later, at the Val Thorens World Cup. The first time was lack of clarity and fear. The second time was just bad luck and could of happened to anyone on that day, which it did to some other athletes.

How did you find the motivation to keep training during rehab?

Keeping up the motivation was challenging but I kept reminding myself of why I snowboard and the big picture. The first time was really intense with 7 days a week of rehab, 5 times a day but i didn’t have a lot of time since the Olympics was 11 months away. After the games and second knee reconstruction, the motivation was harder. I had to start all over again with more damage to the knee, learning to walk on that leg again and climb back up to the top. I just wanted to come back badly enough that I did. The injury has done a lot of good things, it was a blessing in disguise which taught me many things. The main lesson, patience.

Were you nervous getting back on snow?

Yes, absolutely. It was all unknown for me on how my knee would respond. The second time i did my ACL, i had more confidence when getting back on snow.

Were you intimidated at your first race back/how did you overcome those feelings when they arose?

I was. It was more the fear of redoing my ACL again and whether my knee could handle the impacts of the sport. After 18 months post surgery, i noticed a big shift in my knee and body. I felt ready.

How did it feel getting on the podium at your first race after 24 months out of competition?

It was satisfying and at the same time it was something that I had expected would happen especially after the domestic snow season before. I felt calm during the race and knew i would do well there.

What advice would you give younger athletes going through injury recovery and rehab?

Be patient, do the rehab, train hard and remember the reason why you got involved with your sport in the first place. Know that the more time you let your body heal, the stronger you’ll be when you return to sport. Also, the rehab will be boring but you are fully responsible to motivate yourself and do the work

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