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The SBX Vlog: Episode 4 – Winter has Come

After an interesting week braving cold conditions that the GoPro did not enjoy, I managed to scrape my footage together into a decent video for the end of the first week of our Saas Fee camp! Dont forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you enjoy this kind of content! FeaturingAdam DicksonBelle BrockhoffAdam Lambert

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The SBX Vlog: Episode 3 – Snowboarding in Saas Fee

Check out the Aussie SBX team hit up one of switzerlands most famous mountain resorts. Training on the custom build SBX Track and showing off the beautiful area! FeaturingAdam DicksonBelle BrockhoffAdam Lambert Edited ByAdam Lambert Music Check out my recent:Posts HereRecipes HereInterviews HereVlogs Here

We Made It… Traveling during Covid-19

We made it. Arriving on the morning of October 4th 2020, Departing who knows when. With a solid plan in place we are now officially navigating through some of the more risky nations on the Covid-19 danger list with the goal of meeting our qualification criteria leading into the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing,

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Tacos on a plate

Healthy Chicken Chipotle Tacos

These Healthy Chicken Tacos are a great option for lunch or dinner. They’re easy to prepare and are great social meal for when you have friends or family over. This recipe is a bit on the spicier side as it uses chipotle peppers. Chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeño commonly used in Mexican dishes. Although this

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Tomato and red onion salsa

Homemade Tomato and Red Onion Salsa

This delicious salsa recipe is the perfect healthy accompaniment to any meal that you want to add a little spice to! It takes less than 10 minutes to make and only requires 5 ingredients, a chopping board, a sharp knife and a serving bowl. Bonus – the clean up will be faster than the time

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