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Whether you’ve just sustained an injury, been living with one for months and are preparing for surgery or you’ve already had surgery and you are beginning your recovery. Knowing the process, what to expect and how your body is supposed to react to each phase of your recovery, can make a huge difference in anyones rehabilitation journey.

In this post I will be giving you points to focus in and figure out what you should be learning about your injury. Some places where you can find this information and how you can implement that info into your own recovery. Because at the end of the day, knowledge may be the big difference maker between someone who makes a full recovery and someone who never fully heals.

Key Points

The specific information pertaining to each injury will always be different. However these points will stay fairly consistent between most injuries.

  • Surgical Procedure: It is super important to do plenty of research on your own about your surgical procedure. Understanding what the surgeon will be doing will make a big difference in your ability to understand what your body is telling you post op.
  • Surgical Risks: Similar to the point above, knowing the risks involved in your surgery will help you to catch any side effects early enough to stop anything getting worse than it has to be.
  • Rehab: Knowing what the first steps are in the earliest stages of your recovery can arguably make the biggest difference to your long term recovery. As well as giving you a clear plan of your expected milestones throughout recovery. Helping keep your spirits up.
  • Understanding recovery time: For some injuries the recovery time may seem ridiculous, or you may feel 100% before you’re expected recovery date. Knowing why the recovery time is reccomended for a specific time frame will stop you from getting too excited and potentially re-injuring yourself.

Understanding your body and the process it needs to go through to heal is the first step in a good recovery plan.

Where is This Information

For many of these points, the information is readily available online with a quick google search. The internet is a great tool for people to use and get informed about their situation.

However to fully understand your recovery process the best thing you can do is ask questions face to face. When you meet your physio, ask them to run you through a detailed plan of how your recovery should shape up. Ask your surgeon about the specific details with your surgery, and the risks involved. Ask why the recovery time is set as it is. All of these interactions will assist you in your quest towards recovery.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question. It could be the difference between a smooth recovery and a bumpy road.

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