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It has been a long time since i dusted off the old fishing rod to go wet a line. However with the current circumstances as they are, it doesn’t sound like too bad of an option. As I looked outside at the still water and the sun shining and remembered that I cannot go out wake boarding or water skiing on the beautiful lake I decided “screw it” and called up one of my good mates. It was a bit of a mission to dig out the rods, reels and lures but after an hour or so of struggle we finally got it all ready to go. Picked up a couple snacks, put on a big hat and drove down to the Thredbo river to see what we could do.

Now I am not claiming to be a great fisherman but I was down there casting and reeling that lure in for almost 4 hours and did not even get the slightest hint at a nibble, even though we could see fish jumping in the exact area were fishing. I am sure I was doing something wrong, maybe it was the speed of the lure in the water, or the flick of my wrist was off by a fraction but I’ll tell you what. It was still fun.

Fishing aint about catching Fish

now people definitely might disagree with me on this point but just remember that this is my biased opinionated blog. Fishing for me is about hanging out with your mates, chatting, having a beer or two and enjoying yourself in nature. I found the time passing quicker and quicker as the day went on with the sound of the river lulling me into a rhythm of cast retrieve cast retrieve. With the sun beating down on my large straw hat and the cool water around my ankles, I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend an afternoon.

Some of you who follow this blog may be wondering what this has to do with snowboarding or injury recovery. To be honest not a whole lot. I guess the main point is that just because you cant do what you usually do it does not mean you should be content doing nothing. Get out and do something you haven’t done in a while. You might find that you enjoy it.

I have always enjoyed being out in nature. Always loved going camping, loved going for hikes and exploring places that I have never seen before. Without the ability to do these specific activities I found the low intensity sport a relaxing way to take my mind of my problems for a few hours and help remind myself that being out of action isn’t going to be the end of the world I thought it was just a few weeks ago.

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