Injury Update 26/02/2020

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Today marks almost 1 month post op, I am feeling good and recovering well. The incision points in my knee have been a bit slow to heal which put my plans to start swimming on hold for an extra week, but they’re getting very close to being fully closed.

I have started riding the stationary bike for 30 mins twice a day. I have also started working with more balance and mobility exercises in the gym and at home, I have a 12 minute circuit that I am currently also running twice a day, I can currently balance on my bad leg with my eyes closed for around 40 seconds without stepping out.

Other than that I am trying to fill my days as best I can, working on this blog, working my upper body at the gym, even starting to get my right leg (Un-injured) back to work in the gym as well.

Walking has become super easy, I have no problems walking up and down stairs, driving is no problem whatsoever and the increased movement has Improved the pain in my hip and shin.

All in all, a positive update, ahead/right on schedule for my recovery, feeling motivated and rearing to go!

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