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After a fun filled day yesterday I am finally home, sitting on the couch trying to relax whilst I ice my knee and have my parents wait on me hand and foot. The surgery went perfectly well as far as I am aware, I have 5 scars on my knee and a new ACL so I’m happy.

The Surgery

I was admitted into the hospital at 7:30 AM Friday and taken through to my hospital room at 8:30, after getting changed the nurse came in, shaved my leg and prepped it for the surgery with Betadine and some sterile towels. I was then left on my own for somewhere around an hour watching “Horgasm a Love Story” on the somewhat decent hospital bed computers before I was whisked away into the operating theater.

It was now somewhere around 10 am, I was prepped and ready to go under. However they never told me they were putting in the anesthetic and the last thing I can remember is drifting off to the sound of the White Stripes and waking up around 3 hours later in the recovery ward.

After 30 minutes of being supervised and being loaded up with around 10mg of Oxycontin I was taken out of the recovery ward and essentially discharged within the hour. So having arrived at the hospital at 7:30am I was on my way home at 2:30pm the same day.

Heading Home

I made myself comfortable in the back seat of the truck and went to pick up some ice from the servo to fill the Game Ready Ice Machine and I will tell you right now, having that thing was a damn lifesaver. Without it I am almost certain that the 6 odd hour drive home would have been a living hell. The constant 30 minutes on 30 minutes off with the ice machine took the sharp edge off the dull ache I was experiencing the whole way home.

2 hours in we stopped at the McDonalds at Bundanoon Exeter for a quick snack and a walk around because at this point my left hip was killing me. A mixture of it being maneuvered in the surgery theater and being stuck at a weird angle in the truck had caused it to get extremely stiff.

That’s Pretty much all that happened for the rest of the trip home, a couple of stops to walk around and try to loosen up my aching hip, a quick drive through the emergency fire zone near Michelago and I made it home relatively unscathed. A delicious dinner and a surprisingly decent night sleep rounded out the evening nicely.

Recovery Day 1

So far today I have done probably a billion rounds of Ice, I’ve been able to take off the surgical dressing and start doing some light activation exercises to keep my muscles from shutting down. The stitches are probably the sorest part but the swelling is aching a bit as well. Thank god for the pain meds otherwise this next week would be a very long one.

I am booked into get started on physio later this week, and the stitches are due to come out on the 10th. Pretty soon I should be back to walking all but normally and getting into some very light rehab, keeping my knee as protected as possible. But until then, it’s ice, compression, activate repeat.

Unfortunately this is the hardest part of the recovery, I want to do stuff to get better but there is just nothing I can do except wait. Wait for the incisions to heal, wait for the swelling to go down and wait for the graft to solidify in its place. The next steps are so close yet the sheer boredom of the time spent waiting makes it feel so much further away. I already just cant wait to sleep on my side again.

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