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This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll be interviewing Winter Sports athletes about their injuries and their return to snow process, how they stayed motivated and what they would want any younger athletes to know if they find themselves in similar positions.

So today I am stoked to talk to World Cup Slopestyle gold medalist Tess Coady! Who recently finished her recovery from a rough ACL injury suffered in training during the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can read the entire interview below.

Tess Coady Snowboard World Cup Gold Medalist
Adam Lambo Lambert Interviews World Cup Gold Medalist Tess Coady

Tess Coady – Athlete Interviews

So how did you feel directly after suffering your injury at the Winter Olympics?
Super bummed. I was pretty negative about it for a while, I really didn’t want to believe that I had blown my ACL as it was something i never thought would happen. The first two weeks after surgery it was really hard for me to get motivated and get to work but once I got past that I managed to get my head out of my ass and put in the work, and I’m so grateful that I did.

How long was your back to snow recovery time and back to competition recovery time.
It took me a year of gym work before I was back on snow and then a further 8-9 months until I did my first competition again, I grossly underestimated how long it would take to get used to being back on my board and getting all of my tricks back.

What would you say was the biggest challenge for you coming back to snow.
For me it was knowing how many hours and days it would take to get back to where I was and being able to control myself to not send it or be stupid and hurt my knee again. I really wished that I could just snap my finger and be back where I was, I thought the rehab part would be finished when I got back on my board but when I got back on snow I quickly found out that returning back to snow was another step in the rehab that I had to tick off.

Were you nervous coming back into your first competitions and how did you overcome those feelings.
Yeah I was definitely nervous, but by that point I had a lot of confidence in my knee and I think the nerves were derived from being out of the bib for so long and just general contest nerves

How did you feel getting onto that podium after spending so much time recovering.
So.Damn.Good. Honestly stepping up onto that top spot I think I can say that was one of the best moments of my whole life. Winning is awesome but knowing you’ve had the lot thrown at you and being able to come back from that and stand on the top is one of the best feeling I’ve ever had.

What would you say to a young athlete who has suffered an injury and is going through their own rehab.
I’d say that I know for me, sometimes it felt like there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel and that I felt like I was caught in this endless time loop of rehab and school at the time, but everything ends and in the instance of rehab, the harder you work the sooner it will be over. Whenever I was having a hard day at the gym or I was ready to call it a day and go home I would make myself remember how much I missed riding and how desperately I wanted to stand on my board again, and pretty quickly I was motivated to finish that set in the gym or finish that run or whatever, so I’d say to anyone who’s coming back from an injury, find that thing that will motivate you to get it done, and use it to drive you.

Thanks for being my first guest Tess, goodluck for the rest of the season! You can follow Tess on Instagram at Tess_Coady or add her on Facebook.

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