The Worst Day (Hopefully)

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Yes I am Complaining

After 3 days of being unable to walk I find myself wishing I could be back out in the shed moving boxes like I was not 2 weeks ago. Moving around pain free on my bad leg as well as my good leg. We had an tonne of winter buildup in the shed we had to move to get the boat out the day before Australia day and I would rather do it 100 times over than spend another day sitting on the couch.

The Contrast

Not even a week ago I was walking around feeling tip top if not a little tentative on my leg and now I am bedridden, in pain and counting the hours in the day. It is hard to go from 80% function down to almost nothing, it feels like a massive step backwards even though it is actually a big step forwards.

I went from squatting 100kgs in the gym to hobbling around on one leg. Right now I am counting the days until I can finally get the stitches out so that I don’t have to put up with the sickening feeling of my muscles pushing and pulling them around in my skin.

This post isn’t the most optimistic, it isn’t the most informative but it is helping me keep my mind off the monotony, and it shows you how unpleasant the experience can be. With another 7 days before my first milestone I am going to need all the distraction I can get.

A Day in the Life

Today was a tough one. It sounds a bit sad but today in jindabyne we were cut off from our phone and internet connection. Most days that wouldnt be an issue but today was a bad day. The pain significantly worsened since yesterday, and I was feeling motivated to get online and do some work.

When I woke up at 6am, I was not so happy to find we had been cut off. I don’t know what cut us off but I can assume it has something to do with the fires near Bredbo. So instead of being efficient and motivated I moped about and tried to take my mind off of the pain with terrible daytime TV shows and sleep. The internet is back on today though, so fingers crossed tomorrow is a much better day.

Don’t expect many more posts like this, I am an optimist and I will always be looking for the silver lining however today was a hard day and I needed a way to vent some of the frustration my position has given me.

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