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As many of you may know, getting into a comfortable sleep pattern after a surgery can be difficult. The pain that emanates from the wound can be hard to manage without painkillers. As a result, running out of painkillers can start to seriously affect things like your sleep pattern.

I personally only had around 4 days worth of painkillers prescribed to me. Once that ran out I started having really rough nights. I’m talking 2-4 hours sleep max, constant aching and stiffness. I was becoming irritable, not to mention that I needed plenty of rest to assist with the healing process.

So how did I manage to get some much needed sleep during this time? Keep reading to find out.

Getting to sleep

There are a few techniques I have found that help me fall asleep over the years. The first is supposedly a technique used by the RAF (but I read about it online so it might not be) which helps their soldiers fall asleep fast in unpleasant or undesirable situations.

Basically what you do is try and relax every muscle in your body and clear your mind, I like to focus on my breathing or repeat the word nothing in my mind to achieve an empty mind. Once your mind is blank and your body is relaxed, you can start to imagine yourself on a boat or maybe in a hammock or basically whatever visual you want that helps you stay relaxed, once imagined keep your mind trained on that one thing.

With some practice I have been able to fall asleep quickly almost every night, the goal is to get down to 2 minutes. Unfortunately with the pain I was in, this on it’s own wasn’t enough to help me fall asleep and the solution for me was to sleep on the couch.

Getting into the ideal comfortable position is the number 1 thing you need to figure out with an injury. For me I found that lying on the couch with my leg propped up against the back rest was the only way I could relax my leg, so for the last week I have been sleeping on the couch instead of in my bed.

Everyone will be different, and the solutions will differ person to person. However if you’re struggling to sleep, whether it be from an injury or something else entirely, maybe these techniques will be able to help you get a good nights sleep.

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